Grand Chapter of BC & Yukon

MEC Ronald (Ron) R. Smith

Grand First Principal

Royal Arch Mason, BC and Yukon

2017 - 2018



MEC Ron Smith was born on May 3rd 1968 in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to New Zealand in 1973. Educated in both New Zealand and England, he received degrees in Music Composition from the Royal Schools of Music and a MBA from Judge Business School, Cambridge University.


Immigrating to Canada in 1990, he started a successful group of companies specializing in web hosting services and online entertainment, selling out to WorldCom in 2000. He currently serves on the Board of Directors in various private companies, provides mentorship and angel financing for up and coming entrepreneurs.


Raised in Tuscan Lodge No.138 in 1993 and served as Master in 2000, 2004 and 2008; appointed DDGM of Dist. 28 in 2011-12; Charter member of Dimasalang Lodge No.196 and current District Education Officer Dist.13; Exalted as a RAM in Mission Chapter No. 28 in 1996; served as First Principal in 2001 and 2009-11 when the Chapter surrendered its Charter; appointed Grand Superintendent District No. 2 in 2007-08; affiliated member of Composite Chapter No.24, Semiahmoo No.34 and Bellingham Bay Chapter No.12 Grand Chapter of Washington.


MEC Ron Smith has also been involved in various other concordant bodies in York and Scottish Rites and Gizeh Shriners.


 Married to Cindy for 26 years and they have two children, Jake 20 and Jena 16. His various passions include a good scotch and cigar, traveling, sailing and photography…. a combination of all these would be priceless 



Convocation 2018
September 15
Nanaimo, B.C.