The Keystone of Life Foundation (KLF)

The Keystone of Life Foundation is a charitable Society started by a group of Royal Arch Masons in 1973. The Foundation is incorporated under the Societies Act and is recognized by the Grand Chapter of BC and Yukon.

It’s objective is to purchase medical equipment for hospitals and similar institutions in BC & Yukon, particularly those hospitals in outlying areas which are not served by well funded foundations.

Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded grants in excess of $500,000 to qualifying hospitals around the jurisdiction.

Funds to carry out this objective are derived from membership fees, donations, bequests and legacies and fund raising projects.

Income Tax deductible receipts are issued for all individual memberships & donations made to the Foundation.

Individual annual membership fee is currently $30.00.  A Life Membership fee is calculated based on age as specified in our pamphlets. Information is available from your Scribe E, Grand Chapter, the Keystone executive or you can download the attached pdf form, complete, and send with a cheque made out to "Keystone of Life Foundation" for the appropriate amount to the address on the foot of the form.

The Keystoneof Life Foundation is now registered with "Canada Helps", a national website that makes donations to charities by credit card much easier to complete.  Donations to the Keystone of Life Foundation can now be made securely online by clicking here and following the directions on screen.  To obtain a tax receipt by email from Canada Helps you must first register with Canada Helps.  Registration also enables you to view online any and all donations you may have made to the K.L.F. and other charities using this website.  If you decide not to register you will be sent a tax receipt by post in the traditional way. 

Thank you for your valuable donation.


We accept requests for equipment from hospitals throughout British Columbia and Yukon, and all Royal Arch Masons are encouraged to enquire at their local hospitals to solicit grant requests.

Since there is a continuing demand for equipment we are always seeking new members, donations and legacies.

The KLF Board, meets quarterly for a supper meeting on the first Tuesday of November, February, May and August at the Knight & Day Restaurant 9677 King George Highway, Surrey and all KLF members (and interested non-members) are invited to attend.

For enquiries and memberships contact:    

Peter Edwards (President):

Tel: 604 940 0844


Don Neilson (Secretary)

Tel: 604 572 1811


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May 21, 2020

left to right): Alisa Coquet (RIH Foundation) with Tina Chard, Occupational Therapist at RIH."

Thank you Keystone of Life Foundation for your generous donation of $7,092 in support of two new “Broda” Wheelchairs at Royal Inland Hospital. These specially designed chairs help patients transition from their hospital bed to a supported sitting position after a serious injury or illness (like COVID-19). These chairs are designed to offer patients a variety of recline positions to ensure they are always comfortable and safe during their recovery.

+ + + + +

Ridge Meadows Hospital

Pictured in this photograph are (L to R):  Ed Scott (KLF Director), John Laing (KLF Vice President), Greg Sawchuk (KLF Director), Peter Li (Physio Trainee from UBC), Peter Blagaic (KLF Director), Karen Ruckenstein (Physiotherapist), Ian Peter (Physio Dept. Head)

KLF presented a cheque for $6,815 on 18 November 2019 to Ridge Meadows Hospital for the purchase of a Total Body Exerciser Recumbent Bike. This vital piece of equipment enables easier and faster rehabilitation of patients who have suffered from stroke, amputations neurodegenerative diseases and joint replacement surgery. The design of this device reduces patient fear, better buy-in and comfortable seating. The seat can be removed for wheelchair bound patients.

+ + + + +


 September 2018 


Many thanks to the Keystone of Life Foundation, a local service group, for a generous donation of $11,084 to help us purchase four pulse oximeters for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and one vein finder for the Children's Unit.

We hosted three members of the Keystone of Life Foundation at our NICU to learn how the equipment they bought helps sustain fragile young babies when they are born too soon. Don Nielsen, Greg Sawchuk and Peter Edwards learned about the pulse oximeter from Respiratory Technologist, Gulroop Gill.

Oximeters make it possible for babies who have spent many weeks & months in the NICU, and still require oxygen therapy, to transition home where their oxygen levels can be monitored by their parents. Parents receive extensive training on the devices and what to do if the baby’s oxygen level falls. 

+ + + + +

 Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation (CDHF)

 September 2017

The Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation recently received a $5,292.00 grant from the Keystone of Life Foundation, for the purchase of a bariatric stretcher for the Emergency Department of the Castlegar Health Centre.

Joan Conkin, Patient Care Coordinator at the CHC, notes that the new stretcher has a greater weight capacity and is 5 inches wider than the existing stretchers, making it an important acquisition for Emerg, improving both the safety and comfort of larger patients.

Special thanks to the Keystone of Life Foundation for supporting the Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation in their work for those in Castlegar and areas









pictured with the donated stretcher are L-R:

Stefanie Zaytsoff, CDHF Office Mgr; Kirk Duff, President CDHF; Joan Conkin, Patient Care Coordinator CHC; Glenn Akselson, Royal Arch Mason, Nettie Stupnikoff, Secretary/Treasurer CDHF

  Thank you – Keystone of Life Foundation
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Invermere & Golden

October 2017

In October 2017 KLF presented a cheque for $10,000 to Invermere and Golden Hospital for the purchase of a Snoezelen Cart.

Fred Blunden of Invermere Royal Arch Masons presented the cheque on behalf of KLF, to Deborah Austin, Health Services Director.


Snoezelen is a type of therapy, originating in Holland. It is an amazing combination of sounds, sights, touch and smells that can engage all the senses. It provides a calming therapeutic  environment  for children and adults with cognitive disabilities, including dementia. The staff and residents of Durand Manor were especially grateful for this generous donation.

 (photo courtesy Lorene Keitch)

+ + + + + + + +

Grant to Bella Coola Hospital

May 2018

 KLF granted almost $10,000 to Bella Coola Hospital for the purchase of various pieces of rehabilitation equipment which will be loaned out to patients recovering from injury, surgery or disabilities.

Hospital representatives in the photo include staff from housekeeping, laboratory, X-Ray, physio, nursing, public health, and maintenance departments.

The re-hab assistant in Bella Coola operates thr loan equipment program for their clients in need, and has created a thorough monitoring system for equipment loaned and returned.

From Sharon Caroll (Program Manager, Nursing Inpatient-Residential Admin):

On behalf of myself, Dolores Langford, and Freeman Qu we wish to extend our greatest appreciation. You and your organization were wonderful to work with over the past year as we saw this dream come to reality.

Kindest regards,

Sharon Carroll”

+ + + + + + + +

"A presentation of a grant cheque for $9.470 was recently made to Peace Arch Hospital for the purchase of an Eco Flex Stretcher. This device is designed for the patient to be placed in the ideal positions for comfort and accessibility whilst undergoing an ultrasound imaging or biopsy procedures.

Karina Currie, Ultrasound Technician said that the unity can process
up to 80 patients a day."

"Presentation of a KLF grant cheque to Peace Arch Hospital July 2016 . Pictured are (L to R); Peter Edwards (KLF President; Karina Currie, Ultrasound Technician; Siobhan Phillips, Chair, Board of Directors; Barbara Becker, Snr. Philanthropy Officer; Tim Bindon, Director, Philanthropy; Don Neilson, KLF Secretary."]

+ + + + + + + + +

"$8,000  Grant Made to Langley Memorial Hospital"
(posted May 2016)

The Keystone of Life Foundation recently delivered a $7,952 grant to the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation for the purchase of a CADD pump for End-of-Life Care at Langley Memorial Hospital.

“The use of CADD (computerized ambulatory drug delivery) pumps is important in providing optimal symptom management to our patients at the Hospice Residence at Langley Memorial Hospital” says Becky Williams, Patient Care Coordinator,

LMH Hospice Residence. CADD pumps allow for continuous infusion of medication to be administered via a portable device and can provide a very effective means of providing medication such as medication for pain control or other medications to manage symptoms such as seizures or distressing restlessness.

In addition to receiving continuous infusion of medication via a CADD pump, a patient with a CADD pump in use can press a button and deliver a pre-determined, safe and effective dose of their medication, as needed, for their symptoms.

The pump and medication is portable and therefore permits patients whenever possible to be more independent and enjoy events or activities outside of the hospice residence.

“I strongly advocate for the availability of CADD pumps in the care of our patients in hospice. I have personally observed the successful symptom management and improved quality of life that is the benefit of this very effective and convenient way to administer medications, when needed, to patients receiving palliative care” states Dr. Sharon Duncan, LMH End-of-Life Care Program."

"Don Neilson and John Laing, Directors of the Keystone of Life Foundation, together with Neil Marsh from Semihamoo Chapter of Royal Arch Masons,
recently presented $7,952 to Becky Williams, Patient Care Coordinator,
LMH Hospice Residence."

Keystone of Life makes a further Grant

On Friday 27th March 2015, representatives of the Keystone of Life Foundation (KLF) traveled to Fraser Canyon Hospital, Hope, to present a cheque for $8,905 with which the Hospital purchased a Stryker bariatic stretcher for its Emergency Department.
Dr Joshua Greggan said, for the Hospital, that this device significantly increased patient comfort and well-being, allowed a patient's weight to be assessed in- situ, which meant that medications could be better calculated. The device also allowed patients to adjust the profile of the stretcher themselves to maximise their own comfort, and for X-Rays to be taken without the need for patients to be removed from the stretcher.
KLF Director emphasized that the Keystone of Life Foundation relies on donations and other forms of giving from all sources to enable it to continue making these grants. KLF is closely associated with Royal Arch Freemasonry throughout the Province and relies on the generosity and cooperation of many of these Masons to carry out its mandate of supporting Hospitals in the Region."


" KLF directors present a grant cheque for $8905 to representatives of Fraser Canyon Hospital on Friday 27th March 2015. The Hi-Tech stretcher for the hospital Emergency Department is shown in the foreground.
Those pictured above are Dr Joshua Greggan, (Physician FC Hospital), Tony Brown (Director KLF), Corina Vogt (Mgr. Emergency, FC Hospital), Catherine Wiebe (Site Director, FC Hospital), Peter Edwards (President KLF)."

+ + + + + + +

"Another Grant completed by Keystone of Life Foundation

On Monday March 23rd, Representatives from KLF and Tzouhalem Chapter #26 traveled to Cowichan District Hospital in Duncan, VI,  to formally present a cheque for $9,820   from KLF as a grant to purchase a special bariatric portable patient lift. This lift can be battery driven and includes an in-built scale for assessing patient handling and treatment. Lisa Elzinga, the senior nursing representative of the MSIP unit, explained that this lift will enable the staff to lift patients, especially heavy patients, who have fallen, or to transfer patients from a car to a wheelchair without discomfort to the patient or risk of injury to the nursing staff. The lift was purchased with KLF funding some weeks ago and has already been put to good and frequent use.
The photograph here illustrates a patient lift of a similar type to that purchased by Cowichan Hospital."


"The photograph shows the cheaue being received by representatives from Cowicham Hospital. Pictured L-R are: Art Griff (Tzouhalem Chapter), Peter Edwards (President KLF), Anita FavaraMcDonald (Site Manager, Cowichan District Hospital), Lisa Elzinga ( Nursing Staff MSIP Unit, Cowichan Hospital) Paul Philcox & Arnie Krenz (both from Tzouhalem Chapter)"

+ + + + + + +

Grant to Burnaby Hospital

Directors of Keystone of Life visited Burnaby Hospital in December 2014 to present a cheque for $7,301 to the Burnaby Hospital Foundation. This grant was used to purchase a Blanket Warming Cabinet for Burnaby Hospital.
The Hospital Foundation representative said that "evidence-based practices show keeping patients warm with blankets from the time of admission into the preoperative holding area, through surgery, to discharge from the post anaesthesia care, results in faster recovery and discharge, lower infection rates, reduced hospital costs, better thermal comfort, and increased patient satisfactions."
Pictured from Left to Right in photograph are:  Sue Brown (KLF), Tony Brown (Director-KLF), Misha Radoman (Director-KLF),Stacey Hunt (Nuesing Staff), DeeDee WrayManager for both Medicine and Oncology and Sylvia Zylla, Director Major Gifts and Planned Giving for the Foundation.

+ + + + + + +

Grant to Eagle Ridge Hospital

In August 2014 the Keystone of Life Foundation presented a cheque to Eagle Ridge Hospital - Port Moody,  for a sum of $3,860 for the purchase of a recumbent bike for their physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation department. The Hospital representative said that this equipment would make a positive difference in the recovery times of many stroke sufferers.


Pictured in the photos above are Tony Brown (Director KLF), Jim MacGrandles (KLF), Charlene Giovanetti-King (Exec. Director Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Donna Findlay (Head of Physiotherapy), Misha Radoman (Director KLF), John Laing (Director KLF), Dn Neilson (Director KLF).

+ + + + + + +


Donation to Whitehorse Hospital

" In May 2014, the Keystone of Life Foundation presented a cheque to Whitehorse Hospital (Yukon Hospital Foundation) for $9,702 for the purchase of three Emergency Patient recliners together with special accessories.

Pictured in the photograph (L to R) are: 

Krista Prochazak (President Yukon Hospital Foundation); Don Frizzell (Yukon Chapter of Royal Arch Masons); Tom Lyle (Chilliwack Chapter of Royal Arch Masons); Penny Rawlings (Head Nurse at Whitehorse General Hospital); Jack Boily (Yukon Chapter of Royal Arch Masons); Tony Brown (Director, Keystone of Life Foundation)."


Donation to Ladysmith Community Health Centre

Photo left to right: Amber Adams, of the Hospital Foundation; Peter Edwards, President of Keystone of Life Foundation; Dr. Pramod Swamy, Chief of Staff; Leslie Cross, RN; Terry Tutte, Majuba Chapter; Ken Gibson, Majuba Chapter; Norm Carreck, Majuba Chapter (Ladysmith) of the Royal Arch Masons of BC & Yukon; Tim Yates, Majuba Chapter (Ladysmith) of the Royal Arch  Masons of BC & Yukon; John Kelly, First Principal of the Majuba Chapter (Ladysmith) of the Royal Arch Masons of BC & Yukon."

" The Keystone of Life Foundation,  together with members of Majuba Chapter #33 (Ladysmith) of the Royal Arch Masons of BC & Yukon recently presented a cheque for $9,756 to the Nanaimo Hospital Foundation and medical staff at Ladysmith Health Care Centre. The funds have purchased a state-of-the-art patient stretcher, as pictured, for urgent care cases at the Ladysmith Community Health Care Centre.

Donation to The Tapestry Foundation

The Keystone of Life Foundation made a further grant to The Tapestry Foundation for the purchase of specialised wheelchairs for the Holy Family Hospital, Vancouver.

The grant was for $4,947, and the photograph shows the official cheque presentation.

Pictured left to right are: Ann Adams, CEO, Tapestry Foundation; Don Neilson, Secretary, Keystone of Life Foundation; Tara Blair, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Holy Family Hospital; Rae Johnson, Site Operations Leader, Holy Family Hospital; Miranda Lee, Site Leader, Occupational Therapy, Holy Family Hospital and Misha Radoman, Treasurer, Keystone of Life Foundation."

Donations for 2013

 Over the year and a half period up to February 2013, the KLF has made grants to:

Ivermere Hospital              $3,372        6 x Overbed procedure tables

Penticton Hospital             $3,471        Pediatric Spica Table

Prince Rupert Hospital      $3,057        Lateral Air Transfer System

Ridge Meadows Hospital   $3,620        2 x Wheelchairs

Delta Hospital                     $3,534       6 x Roho Cushions


Presentation on behalf of MWB Murray Webster to the Keystone of Life Foundation

Our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother G. Murray Webster had called for nominations from his officers for charities they supported
for award of his Charity Funds.  The Keystone of Life Foundation (KLF) was recommended by RWB Sonny Bond as one of those
charities and the Grand Master awarded two cheques of $750 each to the KLF.  RWB Sonny Bond was given the honour of formally
presenting the cheques to the KLF on Saturday May 25th 2013 as seen in the photograph above (or below)

 Pictured left to right are: RWB. Sonny Bond, VEC Peter Edwards (KLF President) and
REC Don Neilson (KLF Secretary)

* * * * * * *

Keystone of Life Foundation Grant

April 3rd 2013


REC Don Neilson and VEC Peter Edwards present a cheque to Veronica Carroll (far right), Executive Director of the Delta Hospital Foundation. Also present were Stacey Boyda, Individual Giving Manager, (far left) and Geri Pearson, Physical Therapist in the Residential Care Unit.

The funds went to the purchase of a six highly specialized Roho cushions which are used on the beds and wheelchairs of elderly non-walking residents to prevent painful and often dangerous pressure sores.

We rely almost totally on individual memberships and donations received and we encourage all Chapters in the Jurisdiction to adopt the KLF as a recipient of its local fund raising activities.  We welcome new members and especially welcome members to participate in our regular meetings.  

photo by Linda Edwards

* * * * * * *

KLF representatives present a cheque for $5200 to  Ridge Meadows
Hospital for the purchase of two special wheelchairs. April 2013

Keystone of Life Foundation,
 6470 Cabledu Crescent
Delta, V4E 1R3
British Columbia



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